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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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a day of mourning and protest in tunisia thousands gather for the funeral of a slain opposition leader and fears of more violence against a backdrop of a general strike that's paralyzed the country. brussels a budget bickering round two and a rift between main rivals france and the u.k. grew even wider after what's seen as a snub by the french president. present obama's nominee to head the cia faces cat calls from anti drone protesters seemingly gets an easy ride from lawmakers over his controversial targeted assassinations program.
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from our studios in moscow you're watching r.t. . we start with tunisia where thousands have gathered for the funeral of a secular opposition leader whose assassination has led to chaos in the streets and a crisis in parliament cities nationwide are braced for fresh anti-government protests to previous days of unrest resulting in fierce clashes between demonstrators and police i think the turmoil as well the country has been paralyzed by general strike. following developments in tunisia and joins us live now on the line maria how is this latest gathering going.
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let me just show hasn't been buried yet actually so far because pretty sure a very massive and it is two on the way to the country on way to go from where the body was to the cemetery but the question is still on the way moving very slowly very crowded thousands have gathered for the funerals as you've just said because sean privilege has been a very well respected man and a very popular politician in tunisia and people say this is kind of a personal tragedy for all of them and for sure at the national mourning but actually it's not as peaceful as we would like it to be fears have been growing that it may turn violent and actually we can see that the raw people who are throwing. the crop. and. yet it's not
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a very violent fight now but definitely the wrong. the reason possibility this may turn. the army is protecting people at the funeral as we were told people don't trust police because of too many clashes with police here in the last two days and this is why the decision was to make the army protect security during the funeral in the city center on the main square where the events have been happening in the last two days have also been. gathering and we can we saw the police have used again tear gas against the protesters to discourage hundreds strong crowd but. the worst may happen later today because all those taking part in the funerals may come back to the city downtown this is why police on the lurd army on the alert and p.
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. for the. shock has been one prominent politician. oh. no he walked on national radio. i think we're we're going to have to leave it there are some technical problems there with your turbulent situation intern is a better thanks for that update thank you a local journalist ben garcia who's been following developments in tunis since the protests broke out on wednesday says that nothing is likely to quell the demonstrators anger except a new government that's slogans you can hear right now. we don't we can't and he was. my.
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minister of interior every time. it's long and i'm mainly for the government to go away i'm trying minister to. you government. initiative but it was just used by now. but it's not. what is real from national whose account of events we heard earlier is also posting the latest updates on her twitter feed while developments and pictures right underscore r.t. .
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president obama's choice to head the cia has faced a tough confirmation hearing at the u.s. senate but wasn't the lawmakers who put john brennan under the spotlight for his controversial views and his role in the u.s. drone program the session was interrupted several times by protesters against the technology that washington uses to target suspected terrorists he will rights groups claim the program that was created by britain has led to a wider number of civilian deaths than the white house has acknowledged protestors at the hearing even held out banners like stop a cia murder for the chairman and it is actually one of the room cleared and what happened afterwards was far from the expected grilling is going to take on their
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expense. what most people expected to hear was how does the u.s. government make decisions as to who should be on their kill list and mr brennan would certainly be the most appropriate person to ask because he is known to have been in charge of the kill list and he's known as the architect of the administration's targeted assassinations program so the question of who the drones are targeting was critical and one of the senators asked john brennan whether there should be at least some judicial oversight over those executions by drones and here's what he said none of those actions or to determine past guilt for those actions that he took the decisions that are made or to take action so that we prevent future action to protect american lives so the rationale that john brennan gave for not going to court is that the administration is not in the business of punishing individuals but it's in the business of preventing attacks he basically says the u.s. government could execute people for what they haven't done yet you would expect
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follow up questions from lawmakers as to how the administration determines the level of threat as these people constitute let's imagine an angry yemeni man who writes in his blog that he hates america as he concedes wife died in a drone strike and he wants to take revenge is that enough to justify him being killed by a drone there were so many questions about how the administration decides to put someone on their kill list and yet there was not near enough grilling on the part of the senators to get specific answers prior to the hearing a memo was released which the justice department handed over to congress and according to the memo the government can kill people overseas even without evidence that they are actively plotting against the u.s. the paper states that the u.s. would be able to kill a u.s. citizen or non-citizen overseas went down quote an informed high level of social of the u.s. government determines that target is an imminent threat to them here for also suggest that such decisions would not be subject to judicial review and outlines a broad definition of what constitutes imminent threat. everybody expected tough
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questions on drugs but that did not happen john brennan got away with very broad answers like the program if saving lives and that you should take the administration's word for it well drone warfare its consequences and the morality of it all are up for debate in crosstalk coming later today we'll hear how drone strikes may be breeding the very terror forties are seeking to eliminate. quite horrific in cricket but it's getting worse i mean there's a new new drawn be a snow in close to mali so that you've got the west of africa know as well and so it's trucking up so that we're going to have drawn be a says all over africa i'm not sure what to suppose really why are we doing this well isn't it. the most effective recruitment tool for insurgents in the world david what do you think about that drones are an improvement on torture drones are
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an appointment of a ground war these are the arguments were being given and yet we didn't have a ground war and you haven't we might need one eventually after the damage the drone strikes are doing but this is we're being told that this type of murder is better then all of their human rights abuses. or the battle of the budget continues in brussels where even leaders are having a second go at hammering out a deal the main faceoff is between the u.k. and france which are leading rival camps to supporting and opposing cuts to e.u. spending visions intensified after what's been seen as a snub by francois on the island didn't turn up at a meeting with david cameron montes to saucily reports now from brussels. well the bickering certainly continues between the u.k. prime minister david cameron and the french president francois lawn this has been going on even before the summit started the latest drama between the two france rolanda has been said to have snubbed the british for not attending
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a meeting that involved david cameron as well as angle of merkel the french president said that he did not get an invitation but it was said that he has been called repeatedly and simply did not answer his phone call this is just part of the drama unfolding on the sidelines david cameron the loudest voice on the count calling for more belt tightening he wants more budget cuts to the e.u. this seven year plan whereas france one log is demanding that spending continues and the excessive costs not be placed in terms of where the budget stands they now have a draft proposal in terms of the a balance that they have to negotiate but having a general about is just the first step they have to figure out how to divide this amount and that is also a point of contention with different countries trying to protect different industries of course in their own national interest and again if they even come up with a deal today there's another step the european parliament they have to sign off of this if the president of the problem and markets is not very happy if he sees excessive cuts and he said he might not put
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a signature on it in the end even if they do come up with a deal here at the summit. and while leaders are fighting over where to cut there's one item that's apparently immune from any austerity measures the e.u. is reportedly planning to spend more than three million dollars to a just so called the propaganda blitz on its critics in the social media. from the u.k. independence party so the project would violate one of the main principles of european parliament. they decided that they got to train in how staff in the run up to the european elections of twenty fourteen train those people to go online to look at facebook twitter and other social media sites and to correct that's their word not mine to correct any misapprehensions that may exist about the european union and i have to say the fact that it's a parliament that is doing this that is using taxpayers' money to do this says a lot about the institutions that all what about parliaments is the person is it's
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him a chair of parliament he's the speaker in westminster he's the chairman in other parliaments around the world but he and all the rest of the staff are supposed to be neutral they're not supposed to take any political position at all and the fact that the parliament has decided it's going to spend money time and resources doing this shows you that frankly they're no better than a banana republic and this is all the mcgarvie would do or someone like that so i think many people outside would be shocked by it having worked there myself for thirteen years i'm not surprised at all they are really really scared they're scared that from north to south to east to west all over the european union citizens are saying we've never voted for this thing to become the united states of europe we've never asked to have the majority of our laws made somewhere else and we want to do something about it so they're scared and they're fighting back. well
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brussels costly worries about its image has left many across europe speechless. but he protested government cuts in its crisis play. also online for you a key document in russia's recent history disappears the accorded declaring the breakup vanishes and then a ruse sparking fear is that the thief may stand to make a fortune. well the draft bill in the u.k. aims to clear the way for private online messages to be monitored by the government but there are concerns that the proposed taking national security step too far.
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below works on a spectacular show for a day of celebration. one year until the most expensive winter olympics. after a short break. its technology innovation. developments around russia. the future. the big.
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news today. these are the images. can. you. describe. will be given another push by the government intelligence and security committee said the proposal details the bill is designed to help authorities try. and retrieve data. looks at how such measures could power up national security. the main area of concern surrounds this
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the draft communications data bill and proposals in it that critics say see the public left wide open to having their facebook accounts or twitter e-mails read anything that they visit online the websites that they gate logs by the government now understandably those plans have proven hugely controversial with critics labeling it the snoop is charter now perhaps more concerning is the latest for four by the intelligence and security committee made like to see a nationwide surveillance regime implemented now the government say that they need to do this to catch criminals and stop terrorism that there's lots of the members of the public saying where are safeguards when it comes to what we do online will seek more about this i'm now joined by professor and sneakily to the director studies security and intelligence studies at the university of akron thank you very much for joining us you're in support of the draft communications data below i
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heard you describe yourself at a recent talk the skunk at the picnic if these fees and these proposals are so unpopular why are the government pushing them through all the time when the government is pushing them through because the government realizes that they're needed some thirty million people use the internet to communicate with each other each day in the united kingdom people in this country fully accept that more than one hundred years. their telephone conversations are likely to be mine if they're seen as a national security risk if there is a suspicion that a particular person is engaging serious organized crime sex trafficking or terrorism the government can then institute pro as a member of the public who photo my e-mails for well if you don't want your e-mails . your not being gauged any kind of illegal activity your e-mails
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won't be pro if you want if you want complete privacy don't write any letters to your friends don't speak to them on the telephone and don't send them photographs of yourself in jockeying looking very much for joining us to further and see if the house that is the solution maybe is the time for a big log of thing hey someone is actually watching their fair london well even if they are you can join the online discussion about the u.k.'s controversial communications bill on our website head to r.t. dot com to cast your vote on what you think the surveillance of people's activities would actually lead to let's see how your opinions are stacking up so far today on our wall here we can see in our pious shot where yes thirty seven percent already there most of the voters thinking that scroungers an encryption will become an ordinary thing almost a third of we believe people will reject the practice and fight for their rights and as you can see nineteen percent today say this will result in people leaving
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social networks and as a smaller portion we think nothing is going to change at all well he devotes coming in. the georgian parliament has refused to provide a platform for and even listen to president sarkozy but is another address in a new side of his waning power held in the west as an exemplary democratic ruler so has really lost popular support and his party was defeated in a parliamentary election all this a result of his crackdown on the opposition and claims of human rights abuses artie's alexy are shifting looks into some of those cases. georgia has performed miracles we moved from being a failed state will be one of the top business destinations in the world while it would be high to give up a comic freedom according to the world bank i'll be number one fighter with
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corruption even worldwide and many people started to believe in the stations people started to believe them ocracy was because it is giorgio really a beacon of democracy and freedom not from your viewpoint when he's universities rectory refused to build a prayer room he helped organize a ten thousand strong peaceful student rally but it ended with his arrest and sentence of four and a half years behind bars. guards could just walk into our cell and start beating us for no reason the even put twenty year old students in wheelchairs and prison one of the inmates went insane because they showed him footage of how his wife was being raped. your he thought he was spending his time with murderers and drug barons and stan he found himself among academics architects and right all jailed for having a different opinion to the country's leadership. works as an advisor to the minister of the penitentiary system and used to be classmates with saakashvili she
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believes the astonishing number of prisoners in georgia during his reign was to a large extent personally driven. which is what he had often been joked at in school he directed his revenge against his former classmates when he became president most of them were either stripped of their businesses are put to prison in his presidency we've had twenty five thousand people in jail. shocking video of prisoner abuse in georgia in jails went viral and effectively diminished the president's party support by more than a half inch lost both election and control over the country it's not yet known where the second city will face prosecution of that was a torture allegations for two hundred political prisoners a change of power a man with a chance to walk free because saakashvili will formally remain as georgia's president until october. powers have already been transferred to the prime minister if anybody has already declared a national wide amnesty of political prisoners but experts say their resources may
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take several more years. r.t. reporting from police in georgia. some other international news in brief for you that. bomber has blown a security checkpoint in the city of go in northern mali no casualties have been reported except for the bomber himself is the first case of such a suicide attack since french troops entered the country the north of which was controlled by sinister extremists now wants u.n. peacekeepers to take over security there as it prepares to end its mission. four car bombs in iraq have reportedly claimed at least thirty one lives as local markets were attacked in the capital and in the nearby city of two small tennis blasts hit a baghdad market sixteen people. died after cars exploded in the later targeting busy city areas on friday is has become
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a widespread terror tactic with insurgents. a ferry carrying around one hundred passengers has sunk in a river in central bank address reports suggest that more than forty people have been rescued or managed to swim ashore but schools remain missing media reports of casualties very accidents are common in bangladesh due to poorly maintained vessels and lax regulation is. now that the clock that's counting down one year to the sochi winter olympics has started taking work at the russian resort city is stepping up the pace organizers say final touches are being made to prepare the city one of the world's biggest and most prestigious sporting events well to do farmers in sochi they discover what the guests are likely to find there as well as how the city marked the start of the count that. after six years of relentless construction i think she's entering the final home straight in terms of getting prepared for these games last night to mark the one year to go there was
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a lavish ceremony here at the olympic park there were fireworks there's also a spectacular. place in the bolshoi that was all very impressive. switched on across russia and if you're a fan tickets have gone on sale now the cheapest one you can pick up is something like fifteen dollars and if you're rich or you fancy a bit of cash you can pick up a ticket to watch the opening ceremony for something like fifteen hundred dollars i have been here for the last few days and have been very impressed with what i've seen most of the sporting venues are now up and running and that is staggering considering most of them had to be built from scratch there was one area of concern and that was the ski jumping up in the mountains they are slightly behind and also over budget and that presents. a senior member of the russian olympic committee yesterday but overall the message is very positive this isn't a daily thing i mean i'm just make from the black sea here people swimming in there just minutes ago i was fifteen degrees these will be the first olympics that will
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be held in the subtropical climate and if you're coming here to watch in sport i really enjoyed simply because it's so easy to get around the olympic park is extremely compact which means you can walk around all the venues there within about twenty minutes which feasibly means you could watch something not the killing and all the skating events and then if you want to see on the second day you could get on a train and within thirty minutes you'd be up in the mountains to watch the alpine events. that's when you use the next stay with us for a special report. wealthy
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british style it's time to. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. there are twelve cities in the united states in which half of the people with hiv
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aids lives within a year of a diagnosis of. over six to two percent of those patients are diagnosed with aids this is a problem that frankly is substantially preventable it was like the big elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about they were really good public health campaigns that people were really focused on this problem you certainly should be able have a lot less h.i.v. a lot less human suffering. many in the black community have long memories and today have a clear distrust for government run health care. agencies part of what drives each of you know community to his or historical perspective is disenfranchisement to speak is very very much aware of the knife in our communities we still have many
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communities our we're talking about and this is a cia conspiracy the government wanted to kill soft so maybe we still have people who still have that mindset people don't like to think. that a government would make an effort to destroy people but black people have had a history. of tusky syphilis experience that was carried on by the federal government for thirty years one thousand nine hundred to one thousand nine hundred seventy two and people said at that time this is a way to get rid of the black population so that's horrible to have to think about . and that kind of planning but we have an entire museum in washington do see called a holocaust memorial museum which ag maintain is the most important museum in the united states.


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